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2010 Sommelier Challenge Coming September 11 & 12
By Robert Whitley
Jun 5, 2010
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Sommelier Challenge: The Encore

The first Sommelier Challenge brought together more than a dozen of the nation's finest practicing restaurant sommeliers for two days of intense wine evaluation that culminated in the final vote of the weekend.

We fully expect to build on the outstanding first year and have welcomed back many of the same judges, including the rising star Jesse Rodriguez of Addison and Anani Lawson of The French Laundry. This year we've also added Michael Scaffidi of The Jefferson in Washington, D.C., and Jennifer Tremayne, a Master Sommelier from Los Angeles, to our star-studded roster of judges.

One aspect of the Sommelier Challenge that is somewhat unique is the concept of transparency. Each medal awarded by the Sommelier Challenge is published on this website along with the name of the sommelier or sommeliers who commended the wine. The honors bestowed by the Sommelier Challenge do not flow from some mysterious, anonymous panel.

The same format is employed by our sister competition, the Critics Challenge. You can rest assured that awards from either competition are made by real wine professionals with bonafide credentials who are willing to vouch for a wine's character and attach their name to the result.

Information about the Sommelier Challenge including entry forms can be found at www.SommelierChallenge.com