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2013 Critics Challenge
By Robert Whitley
Oct 6, 2013
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The Results of the 2013 Critics Challenge International Wine Competition can be found at CriticsChallenge.com.  

The 2014 Critics Challenge is scheduled for June 21 and 22, 2014. 

Critics Challenge is a unique wine competition that brings together a team of widely respected wine journalists to serve as judges.   Their global tasting experiences and journalistic discipline give them a world perspective on wine tht is unmatched.  This is important in a wine world that delivers stylistic and cultural differences in wine that hark back to where the grapes were grown and the wines were made.  Their goal is to recognize well-made wines regardless of personal bias, taking into account a wine's origins, particularly its terroir.

That is not the only unique aspect of the Critics Challenge.  We also excerpt passages from our judges' tasting notes and post edited comments on our website.  These are kudos from some of the most respected wine reviewers in the business.   Wineries can use these comments in marketing materials generated to hail their Critics Challenge awards.