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Sommelier Challenge
By Robert Whitley
Sep 22, 2014
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The 2014 Sommelier Challenge International Wine Competition took place September 20 and 21.  Results can be found at www.SommelierChallenge.com .

Sommelier Challenge brings together a dynamic group of wine professionals to evaluate wines and single out those that merit accolades.   Sommeliers have emerged in the past decade or so to revolutionize the way wine savvy restaurants throughout the United States and the world purchase and present wines to an ever more sophisticated customer base.  We believe our Somms are on the cutting edge of this exciting development in the hospitality industry.  They are engaging, well-traveled and extremely well schooled in the finer points of wine appreciation, and they understand and respect the effort it took to produce the wines entered in the competition. 

In addition to medals, each winning wine was given a point score.  Top winners wene also reviewed by members of the WineReviewOnline staff with reviews posted on this site.

Award winners will be poured at the San Diego Bay Wine And Food Festival at "The Vault" tasting in November.