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October 28, 2019

All Thoughts Turned Toward Safety in California Fire Zones

As readers are probably aware, horrifying fires are torching portions of California.  I’m confident that I speak for everyone involved with Wine Review Online when expressing our most urgent concern for all who are in danger. 

Almost all of us have multiple friends in wine country who are either in peril -- or are living in potential peril -- as a deadly combination of extremely dry air and very high winds threatens large portions of The Golden State. 

Naturally, our concern and our hopes for minimal loss of life and property extend to everyone in danger…not just our friends in the wine trade. 

With that noted, though, one remembers how badly the wine community was hit in 2017, and it is truly lamentable whenever those still recovering from one traumatic event are menaced by another.

Especially horrifying is the Kincade Fire that is raging north of Healdsburg.  As I write this, the most recent figures indicate that the fire has burned more than 66,000 acres, and is only 5% contained.

Those are very scary numbers, and the sad fact is that the fire has already outrun them significantly as I type out a next sentence.

We hope that a respite from the Diablo wind will occur today, as predicted.  The Los Angeles Times reported that a gust of 96 miles per hour was recorded yesterday, along with another clocked at 85 mph.  With humidity as low as 9% in yesterday’s Diablo conditions, the possibility of truly historic catastrophe clearly exists. 

All of our hopes are directed toward a favorable turn in the weather, and to the safety of residents and firefighters in all of the affected areas.
Posted by Michael Franz at 12:00 PM