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In the Kitchen

The Italian Job
Sally Belk King
May 6, 2008

This spaghetti squash recipe from personal chef and caterer Robert Cacciola is one of his favorite dishes not just because it's replete with flavor but because it's light, healthy, and can be made in advance. 'When making this at home, do all your prep ahead of time and keep the ingredients separate until 30 minutes before serving,' he suggests.

Wild Thing: Ramps and Potato Gratin
Sally Belk King
Apr 22, 2008

Asparagus, peas and strawberries. That's what usually comes to mind when most of us think of springtime fare. But there are also highly anticipated wild things from the woods this time of year, like morels and ramps. The latter are actually wild leeks (Allium tricoccum); they resemble scallions, but have broader, lily-like leaves. Their assertive garlicky, onion-y flavor is reason enough to celebrate spring, which many communities do--especially in the woodsy parts of Appalachia.

A Succulent Roast Guinea Hen for passover
Sally Belk King
Apr 8, 2008

Even if you don't keep Kosher--even if you're not Jewish--Jonathan Lindenauer's Guinea Hen with spicy dried fruit chutney is easy, festive, and great for just about any special occasion, any time of year. As a side dish, our featured chef suggests an arugula salad, wilted spinach, or roasted Brussels sprouts; all represent the requisite 'bitter' flavor that is part of the Passover tradition.

A Pork for a Party
Sally Belk King
Mar 25, 2008

Fare by David Chang, a.k.a., The Pork King (and GQ magazine's Chef of the Year), nods to Asia, but he also has a clear appreciation for good-quality American products. In addition to featuring country ham from Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee, Chef Chang also offers DeBragga natural pork from Iowa.